Department of Agricultural Extension & Education

In the year 1971, the statute of the Agricultural Extension and Education Faculty was approved and the first graduates of the Bachelor of Agricultural Extension and Education entered the market in 1975.

In 1985, a master's degree in Agricultural Extension and Education was launched. In 1995, Ph.D. in Agricultural Extension & Education was approved at the Doctoral Committee of the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Tehran.

The missions of Department of Agricultural Extension & Education are to enhance the knowledge, insight and skills of volunteers in higher education in agricultural extension and education in order to promote the comprehensive development of agriculture and rural society in Iran, so that they are creative, entrepreneurial and capable of intellectual independence and can be the source of effective services in Community.

It also conducts fundamental and applied research and adaptation and development in order to produce science and technology in related fields, publish it in the community, and outreach, to the audiences and interested persons from other missions of the Agricultural Extension& Education Department.